Level 1 Horse Dentist

Entrance recommendations:

  • good physical condition, fitness
  • horse handling skills (experience with horses)
  • good people skills
  • assisted a horse dentist or have the chance to observe dental procedures “up-close and personal”
  • willingness to learn
  • willingness to put your hands in the horse’s mouth

Level 1 Seminar:

  • Goal: Certified Level 1 horse dentist
  • Duration: 3-4 weeks (20 days of training)
  • Average number of live horses you practice on: 75
  • Maximum ratio students/instructor: 4
  • Curriculum:
    • history of equine dentistry
    • basic function of teeth and their relationship to the body
    • numbering system
    • anatomy of the horse’s head and mouth
    • aging techniques
    • wearing of teeth
    • behaviorial and riding problems associated with teeth
    • principles of cooperative horsemanship and horsehandling
    • technology and use of customized instruments
    • approximately 120 hours of monitored routine dental care procedures on live horses
      -inspections and evaluation
      -rasping of molars
      -extraction of wolf teeth and caps
      -removal of loose molars on the standing horse
      -principles of incisor treatment
    • documentation procedures
    • exposure to latest research
    • lecturing
    • examinations, written and practical
    • discussion of written exam after examination

    Louis offers to manufacture customized tools for your individual hand if you wish. The course includes an introduction to the school’s continuing education program, leading to two higher levels of certification. It also covers a discussion on the entrepreneurial aspects of equine dentistry, including networking and working relationships with veterinarians and other professionals.

Certification as Level 1 horse dentist requires that you:

  • complete the 4 week Level 1 seminar
  • pass theoretical part of certification:
    -pass written exam
    -hold a lecture on a specific area
    -identify the different instruments
  • pass the practical part of certification:
    -dental inspection, evaluation and treatment (standard case, sedated horse)