Level 3 Horse Dentist

Entrance requirement: be a certified Level 2 horse dentist

Goal: Certified Level 3 horse dentist

Certification as Level 3 horse dentist requires that you:

  • submit case histories with pictures (if possible dated pictures) for each case
    – minimum total number: 1000
    – no age group preferences
  • lecture
    – real life lecture
    – monitored by an instructor or a level 2 horse dentist
  • attend at least 2 further education seminars offered by Pequinox Equine Dentistry (i.e. nutrition, farriery, acupuncture-pressure, physiotherapy, bovine dentistry)
  • pass theoretical part of certification (written exam)
  • pass practical part of certification (dental inspection, evaluation and treatment of a complex case; a decision about sedation is part of the exam)