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I am Louis Pequin, and I have dedicated my professional life to improving the well-being of our equine friends by developing, applying and passing-on top standards in equine dentistry. Browse my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about horse dentistry!


Louis Pequin

For new couses in 2020 and for to hear about the current situation, please stay in contact with us!

Interested parties should contact Louis or Enken Nohl for more up-to-date details of covid, venue, supply, course content, costs, etc.

Enken chairs a new Level1 – course in Schmalfeld, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany from June, 27 until July, 17.

These contact-pages offer a simple way to  contact us .
It is also possible to phone:
Enken: 00491722379134 (0049= area code for Germany)
Louis: 0017805244262 (001= area code for Canada)