Why do students learn with Louis?

You may want to know why students choose to learn from and with Louis. The main answer? He has an excellent word of mouth reputation – most students simply come because they have heard very good things about Louis’ program and his approach to horse dentistry!

This is what we also know from his past students:

They want

…education from a highly credible and recognized trainer and institution

  • to learn directly from a leading authority in horse dentistry
  • to benefit from Louis’ reputation
  • a renowned institution that stands for top level horse dentistry
  • an institution that has trained many renowned horse dentists

…an institution that is committed to the horse’s well-being

  • to learn how to make horse dentistry safe and easy for the horse
  • to learn to treat causes, not symptoms – to consider the overall health of the horse
  • to learn horse handling skills that gently make the horse cooperate
  • to learn with instruments that make treatments safe and easy for the horse (watercooled power tools and no electric floats)
  • to learn how to do horse dentistry with a minimum dose of sedation.

…to rely on well-founded concepts and theories

  • to benefit from latest research
  • to have access to 150 years of experience

…high quality education

  • to gain extensive practical experience on live horses during the course
  • to gain experience with horses of all age groups
  • to practice with customized tools made for their individual hands
  • an intense education ensuring quality in a small group
  • training that makes most of each individual’s potential
  • a program with clearly defined elements for its different levels without repetition
  • a certification opportunity
  • a program that permits students to reach the level of their trainer

…an institution concerned about its graduates’ success after the program

  • ongoing support months and years after their education through Pequinox Equine Dentistry