Dental Problems

Below is a list of some of the dental problems that may occur and which your dentist will address.


  • Retained caps/slivers
  • Improper alignment of incisors
  • Missing or broken incisors
  • Loose or decayed teeth
  • Parrot mouth/sow mouth



  • Sharp edges on molars
  • Rostral hooks/beaks/rear hooks
  • Abnormal transverse ridges
  • Wavy molar table
  • Stepped molar table
  • Steep/Flat tables
  • Retained caps/slivers
  • Missing or broken molars
  • Loose or decayed teeth


Interdental space:

  • Wolf teeth
  • Blind wolf teeth (not erupted through gum)
  • Bone burrs in interdental space
  • Loose skin or gum over the bars
  • Canine eruption
  • Blind canines



  • Gingivitis
  • Tartar/Plaque
  • Malocclusion problems
  • Improper balance and wear of teeth
  • Supernumerary (extra teeth)
  • Mouth ulcers/sores
  • Lacerations to tongue and cheek