How to pick a training system

Good education is the first step in becoming a professional horse dentist. You may have gathered information about different programs already. But, as the education is not regulated, you can’t rely on the fact that every institution offers similar high quality, yet you want to make sure that your investment will pay off and that you take home everything you need to get started. You may find the following criteria useful to evaluate different programs or institutions:

  • reputation and credibility of the trainer/institution
  • experience in training and in horse dentistry
  • mission/vision of the institution
  • level of training standards
  • perspective: considering horses’ overall well-being?
  • duration of the program
  • ratio trainer/students
  • amount of monitored practical experience on live horses during education
  • practice on horses of different age groups during education
  • successful graduates
  • opportunity to talk to former students
  • honest concern about your potential and success
  • further support after the training
  • opportunity to participate in research projects
  • openness for your questions and concerns