Family Tradition

Louis Pequin was born in Alberta, known as fertile soil for accomplished horsepeople like Linda Tellington-Jones and many others. He originates from a family of horsemen who started practicing horse dentistry and other horse professions over 150 years ago. His greatgrandfather and grandfather were highly acknowledged for their achievements in horse dentistry, farrierwork, blacksmithing and in training of leading race horses. This broad background enables the family, from long tradition and experience, to look at the horse from various perspectives and to consider its overall well-being, treating causes instead of symptoms.

Furthermore, in the early years of horse dentistry, Louis’ family had no access to veterinarians and therefore used no sedations. This situation encouraged horsemanship aimed at winning the horse’s cooperation for treatment. Following this tradition, horse handling skills and a thorough understanding of the horse’s behavior during the treatment are core elements of Louis’ approach, making dentistry an easy and positive experience for the horse. Only minimum sedations are necessary when these techniques are used.