Visions and Practice

Pequinox Equine Dentistry is one of the leading institutions for top level horse dentistry. It is driven by Louis Pequin’s vision to improve the horse’s well-being by developing, applying and teaching top standards in this field. According to his philosophy, good horse dentistry considers the horse’s overall well-being, and the treatment should be as safe and easy for the horse as possible. All of Louis’ activities and approaches contribute to realizing his vision and living his philosophy:

  • well-founded theories and permanent research that enable treatment of causes instead of symptoms
  • a highly professional and precise dental care treatment that doesn’t hurt the horse and which requires only minimum sedations – this approach is based on horsemanship that wins the horses cooperation instead of fighting against it
  • professional education for horse dentists, promoting top standards
  • a technology with instruments that are efficient and easy on the horse and adequate for its anatomy. All power tools are watercooled and no high speed electric floats are used.

“The theories of Louis Pequin about Equine Dentistry, the development of adequate instruments and their manufacturing, the horsemanship and most of all the professional work for the welfare of the horse are in this combination worldwide one-of-a-kind. I consider Louis Pequin a pioneer in Equine Dentistry.”

Martin Grell, Veterinarian, former President of the IGFP (German Association for Horse Dentistry)

Horse dentistry is an ancient trade that is being rediscovered. While the original wild horses could use self-help mechanisms to deal with dental imbalances, today’s domesticated horses can’t. But healthy and balanced teeth are crucial for the horse’s health, well-being and performance. A main task in the field of horse dentistry is to further raise the awareness of the importance of regular dental care.
In the world of equine dentistry, Native Canadian Louis Pequin is considered a leading authority. He is devoted to passing on his knowledge and experience to others who are just as dedicated as he is to improving the horse’s well-being. His standards for education are among the highest in the world.

“I was able to help a lot of horses with serious dental problems, some of them were repeatedly treated with the traditional methods by veterinarians and blacksmiths without success (some even worsened the problems). I am convinced that I would not have been able to successfully treat these animals without the knowledge that I received from Louis Pequin.”
Silke Faass, Veterinarian, Alfeld, Germany

In addition to teaching his very own theories and approaches, Louis’ program strongly focuses on a high level of monitored practice on live horses. He offers a certification program for horse dentists, consisting of three levels and the opportunity of training for instructors. Louis has instructed horse dentists for more than ten years and is proud to be the “father” of many very successful horse dentists. Training is offered in both Canada and Germany.

“I would recommend this seminar to anybody who is interested in equine dentistry.”
Dr. Anna Bonk, Veterinarian, Wildwood, AB, Canada

“The success of my treatments learned from Louis Pequin led to the point that I now sometimes have to turn down some clients because I don’t have the time any more to do all the work on my own!”
Silke Faass, Veterinarian, Alfeld, Germany

Louis’ expertise and techniques are unique; He has extensive dentistry experience with more than 15.000 horses during 15 years of full time dentistry work in combination with a college degree in farrier sciences. He has studied chiropractic, physiotherapy and behavioral sciences. He has training and breeding expertise with his 100 own horses as well as experience with artificial insemination and special treatments against lameness. Furthermore, significant parts of his knowledge and philosophy can be traced back to a long family tradition.

In addition to all this horse wisdom, knowledge and experience, Louis has 30 years of practice in blacksmithing and tool development. In combination with his dentistry expertise, this enables him to provide highly effective technology for horse dentistry. His custom made instruments are designed to compliment the anatomical conditions in the horse’s mouth and to give the horse the most pleasant experience possible – the instruments are precise to use, as well as safe and easy for the horse.

“I require someone who is able to do a general inspection without the need of a sedative, is able to patiently work with the horse, not against it, leaving a positive impression on my horse so he remains calm whenever he requires dental work. He must be able to provide me with full details as to what and why my horse requires dental work and what changes may result from his improved dental health. Anything less is not acceptable any more after having seen the work of Mr. Pequin.”
Marlene Marcotte, Horse Owner, Valleyview, AB, Canada

“I am very impressed with Mr. Pequin’s handmade instruments, particularly the dental floats. They are made with a lot of consideration for the job on hand.”
Dr. Christian Jansen, former President of the IGFP (German Association for Horse Dentistry), Human Dentist and Horse Dentist, Viersen, Germany

Louis continually raises the level of knowledge in the field by doing research. His ranch, Equinox Acres, was a long time the home of more than 100 horses. It gave him the opportunity to conduct a lot of research on his own ranch, especially to monitor the effects of dentistry. The ranch is run by Louis and his children, Cedric and Julia.
Louis frequently exchanges findings and other information with professionals in the industry. In addition to his training program, he passes on his knowledge in lectures and has just produced his first educational video. He also encourages the dialogue with related professions by inviting highly qualified guest speakers to his events: i.e. experts for nutrition.

Contact him if you wish to host or attend a lecture.