Being a successful Horse Dentist

If your clients recommend you and come back to you, that’s sure proof that you are a successful horse dentist! But how do you get there, besides ensuring a good education? The following list summarizes Louis’ practical experience:

  • Do good work!
  • Practice gentle cooperative horsemanship, exercise self-control on physical restraints on the horse and on yourself.
  • Create a calm and enjoyable work atmosphere
  • Let go of “I know” and adapt open-mindedness to keep learning
  • Educate horse people on the basics of equine dentistry
  • Follow up after a treatment to see how the horse is doing and handle any possilbe problems
  • Quote price after your thorough inspection but before starting the treatment
  • Have access to the support you may need: veterinarian knowledge or a second opinion in difficult cases
  • Take further education in different fields about the horse and about dentistry
  • Get certified and have visible proof of your qualification
  • Be in a network and where available join a professional organization