Top level horse dentistry ensures:

  • a proper inspection and evaluation that considers the horse’s overall well-being
  • safety and ease for the horse during a smooth treatment
  • a healthy and balanced horse’s mouth that makes the horse feel and perform well afterwards.

Such expertise cannot be learned within a few hours without practice at universities, nor in a week’s crash course. Expertise requires thorough professional training with a high amount of monitored practice on live horses. Pequinox Equine Dentistry sets top standards in education. Louis’ approach includes horsemanship that wins the horse’s cooperation and also the use of precise manual instruments – both ensuring safety and ease for the horse, resulting in minimal sedations. Louis is strongly committed not only to his approach and standards, but also to supporting his qualified students’ professional success personally, during and after their training. 

He offers a certification program for horse dentists consisting of three levels and the opportunity of training for instructors. All courses are led by Louis personally. Training is held at Equinox Acres in Canada and at the Gestüt Ganschow in Germany. Course language is English; full German translation is available whenever necessary.

“The training offered by Louis Pequin, one of worldwide only five similar Horsedentist-Training Facilities, gave me the unique chance to acquire more knowledge about the Inspection, Evaluation and Treatment of horses teeth than is taught at the Universities and Colleges.”
Martin Grell, former President of the IGFP (German Association for Horse Dentistry), Veterinarian, Berlin,Germany

“I had attended two equine dentistry seminars at the University and was not satisfied with the practicality of their approach. I also did not receive there any practical training on live animals. The principles Louis taught me are practical, logical and for the betterment of the horses health. Since I took the seminar I have done a lot more dentistry than I did before and it is becoming a major part of my practice.”
Angela Losberg, Veterinarian, Reiskirchen, Germany

“During my stay in Canada I learned a lot about how horses think and feel and how you can gently get them to cooperate with a dental treatment. This form of horsemanship and the underlying humanity impressed me deeply.”
Dr. Christian Jansen, former President of the IGFP (German Association for Horse Dentistry), Dentist and Horse Dentist, Viersen, Germany